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Smart packaging coming to a supermarket near you — soonish! 

I just came back from a food symposium in Hobart — Food Politics: From the Margins to the Mainstream. There were two keynote presentations in addition to 33 other presenters, covering a very wide range of food related issues and trends. The politics of food provisioning, distribution and consumption is interrelated and disjointed at the … Continue reading

Urban backyard food production as a strategy for food security in Melbourne

My research was about urban food production within 70-km radius of Melbourne CBD. The data collection period ran from July 2012 to July 2013. This was deliberately designed to capture inter-seasonal yield. In all, 15 households took part in the research and each participant contributed 12 weeks’ worth of data. The result was impressive. The … Continue reading

Six-month harvest

It is the end of autumn for us here in the southern hemisphere and winter is just around the corner. I believe I have just harvested the last of the zucchini for this season. It is amazing though that I am still getting zucchini this late into the season. Another late crop is chilli, and … Continue reading

Backyard market

Having 16 veggie beds is like having a market in our own backyard. We used to do our grocery shopping once a week from Wholefoods on Lygon Street in Brunswick. Now we only go once every three weeks for things we haven’t grown in our backyard, and dry goods like tea, coffee, grains & pulses, … Continue reading

Urban Food Study

As some of you may know, I am enrolled in a postgraduate study at RMIT in environment and planning. Next to scuba diving, I love food. I am passionate about food and for my thesis I have decided to research into urban food production from an urban design/planning perspective. My study is about household food … Continue reading

Sixteen Beds

We put in16 raised beds in the backyard and had our first harvest at the end of November. I am amazed by how much food I have harvested in just six weeks – 32 kilos of fresh organic produce and that doesn’t include eggs from the girls. We brought the girls home at the end … Continue reading

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