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I have an interest in sustainability; from food security to renewable energy. I am also a keen food gardener and vegetarian cook. For more information, check out my blog at:
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Smart packaging coming to a supermarket near you — soonish! 

I just came back from a food symposium in Hobart — Food Politics: From the Margins to the Mainstream. There were two keynote presentations in addition to 33 other presenters, covering a very wide range of food related issues and trends. The politics of food provisioning, distribution and consumption is interrelated and disjointed at the … Continue reading

Lesson learned: three years of urban food growing

December 2014 marked our fourth year of food growing experiment. I say it is an experiment because the food garden is a work in progress and there is always something new to learn with each growing season. With food gardening nothing is set in stone. What works one year may not yield the same result … Continue reading

How much space do you need to grow food?

In their book The Australian Fruit & Vegetable Garden, Clive Blazey and Jane Varkulevicius use a 12-metre by 9-metre plot to demonstrate the production potential of an urban backyard food garden, which is based on the average 640m2 block.  But backyard space is becoming smaller with more recent prolific subdivision models. And that space is … Continue reading

Urban backyard food production as a strategy for food security in Melbourne

My research was about urban food production within 70-km radius of Melbourne CBD. The data collection period ran from July 2012 to July 2013. This was deliberately designed to capture inter-seasonal yield. In all, 15 households took part in the research and each participant contributed 12 weeks’ worth of data. The result was impressive. The … Continue reading

Arrival of the divas

We lost Maggie in May. She was the oldest of the brood. Her departure to the great paddock in the sky affected the rest of the hens significantly. They almost stopped laying. We hardly had eggs for the whole month of May. Maggie loved the backyard and so it was becoming to have her buried … Continue reading

Six-month harvest

It is the end of autumn for us here in the southern hemisphere and winter is just around the corner. I believe I have just harvested the last of the zucchini for this season. It is amazing though that I am still getting zucchini this late into the season. Another late crop is chilli, and … Continue reading

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