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Six-month harvest

It is the end of autumn for us here in the southern hemisphere and winter is just around the corner. I believe I have just harvested the last of the zucchini for this season. It is amazing though that I am still getting zucchini this late into the season. Another late crop is chilli, and they are still ripening in the backyard. And I am still getting a reasonable harvest of basil. In my five years of growing food in Melbourne, basil at the end of May is most rare.

The weather has been unusual this year. Many of my Italian neighbours, who have been growing food since they first arrived 50 years ago, have been complaining about how affected their backyards have been by the weather. They are not getting as much crop as they used to and in some backyards none at all.

This year summer has been exceptionally hot and dry. Regardless my backyard has been productive: just over 142kg worth of food in the last six months. The only difference between my backyard and that of my neighbours is mulching. I use organic pea, Lucerne and sugarcane mulch and I believe it kept my backyard going and survived the hot dry summer.

As usual my most productive is zucchini, more than 46kg for the year followed by tomato and pumpkin at just over 26kg and 21kg respectively. The rest 49kg are made up of leafy greens, tubers, fruits and herbs. I tried to grow potato in old tyres but the location was not ideal and I had to move the tyres to another location but the potato plants did not survive the move. They are now beginning to take off. It has been fun watching the backyard grow and adapt over the last six months.

So get out there in your backyard and grow some food. And MULCH! MULCH! MULCH!

Pumpkins from the backyard.

Pumpkins from the backyard.

Tomato harvest 2013, some of it.

Tomato harvest 2013, some of it.


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5 thoughts on “Six-month harvest

  1. Hey girl, lovely photos.. yep feel like mulching on those. I don’t have a back yard though and in the country where I live, you probably need a special diploma or training to grow your own food… But lovely to see your last batch. Bravo!

    Posted by April Thursday | May 25, 2013, 4:10 pm
    • I didn’t know I could grow food until I gave it a go about five years ago. It is great fun. No backyard no problem. You can still grow food in pots and containers. Besides, Switzerland has a long tradition of urbain portager. Salut me belle.

      Posted by Urban permaculturist | May 25, 2013, 4:26 pm
      • Coucou, oh oui, il y a partout des jardins potagers autorisés par le gouvernement local. Ah! Des pots… ou des étagères sur le balcon… il faut que je vois cela, c’est une bonne idée , bises

        Posted by April Thursday | May 25, 2013, 5:49 pm
  2. Inpsiring to hear your harvest tales!

    Posted by Chloe | May 26, 2013, 4:35 pm

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