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The girls have arrived

Our four girls arrived two weeks ago; Emma, Julie, Maggie and Simone.  They are named after ABC Classic radio presenters, Emma Ayers, Julia Howard and Margaret Throsby respectively. Simone is after Simone de Beauvoir, the token French chic(k) with and attitude to match. They are organic ISA Brown from Garden Farm in Hiawatha. The first week we got 16 eggs and 24 in the second week. That’s an average of 20 eggs per week.

I never thought of chickens as engaging creatures, but they are. They all have their own personality traits and characteristics.  Emma is the boldest of them all and will eat from our hands. Maggie is the big bully and extremely stroppy. The leader of the pack is Simone who is also temperamental and moody. Julie is a happy-go-lucky little scratcher.

It didn’t take long for them to establish their daily routines and work things out. The backyard is partially flanked by a brick wall on both the east and west sides. The girls have created their spa area amongst the rose bushes underneath the Lilli Pilli by the west wall where they love sunning themselves in the dry soil followed by a dirt bath.

With the surplus of eggs, we have been engaging in a bit of battering. Sofa bed for the spare bedroom is paid for in eggs. Our Fred Lowen Tessa lounge set is on loan in exchange for eggs.

They are a delightful addition to the backyard.

Spa time for Emma

Maggie and Simone hanging out by the Lilli Pilli.

Julie is a busy little scratcher.

The chicken with its "Staircase to heaven."


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