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Preserved lemons

Small pickled lemons - a Moroccan delicacy

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What do you do when people give you lemons? You can make lemonade of you can make preserved lemons.

Preserved lemons are so easy to make. Wash the lemons in cold water, core the lemons into quarters but don’t cut through the skin. Rub about ½ a teaspoon of rock salt into each lemon, place in a sterilised wide mouthed jar, add an extra teaspoon of salt to the jar, and fill up with filtered water to cover the lemons.

Check in two weeks, change the water, add another teaspoon of salt, whole coriander seeds, whole peppercorns and or bay leaves, reseal the jar and store in a dark cupboard free from draft. They will be ready in another two weeks.

To use preserved lemons, remove the mushy pulp in the middle with a teaspoon, wash the rind under cold water. Slice thinly and scatter on top of beetroot salad, or use as a condiment in a tajine dish. It is very popular in Moroccan cuisine.

But it is also used in Chinese cooking. Preserved lemon goes well with smoked tofu, ginger and spring onions.

Preserved lemon will keep up to a year and the older it gets the darker the colour of the skin.

Freshly prepared lemon preserved




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2 thoughts on “Preserved lemons

  1. Another, stronger and more pungent variant of this is pickled limes, which goes very well with Thai or Sri Lankan cooking. Essentially, limes quartered and rubbed with rock salt and then sun-dried for a couple of days before being bottled with more salt, a bit of lemon / lime juice, couple of teaspoons of sugar, any condiments you fancy, some peppercorns, a cinnamon stick and a tiny bit of white wine… (that last part is an addition of mine)

    Posted by Aruna | November 14, 2010, 2:14 am

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