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Amaryllidaceae: onion family, Apiaceae: carrot family, Brassicaceae: cabbage family, Chenopodiaceae: Beetroot family, Cucurbitaceae: Squash & pumpkin family, Fabaceae: Beans family, food security, Solanaceae: tomato family

Spring is in the air . . . everywhere I look around

Vicia faba

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Finally, it does feel like Spring. I spent the afternoon in the food garden. The broad beans are doing very well and fast surpassing the 1 metre mark. It will be time to stake them soon. The Savoy cabbages have suddenly double in size, and thanks to the white flowers of the broad beans are spared from the attack of the cabbage moth. The cabbage moth caterpillars decimated our cabbage crop last year – the simply beauty of companion planting.

Carrots, both cosmic purple and regular, are thriving next to the beetroots and tender leeks. Last season silver beets seem happy to be sharing the plot with recently planted chards and Italian parsley.  Onions and potatoes are getting along fine in their little plot. Both the bell chillies and the extra hot Cyklon are slowly warming up to Spring with new young shoots and leaves. The spearmint is also waking up from its winter slumber.

Hardy Warrigal greens needed a bit of a trimming. It was threatening to overtake the whole side plot, also home to rhubarbs, Egyptian spinach and more silver beets.  Both silver beets and Warrigal greens were our staple greens over the winter months.

I have started some seedlings this afternoon; heritage tomatoes (Black Russian, Tigerella, Little Sugar Yellow and Red Snack), spaghetti squash, zucchini and plenty of rockets.  Something delectable to look forward to this summer.

Savoy cabbage doubling in size every few days.

Tender leeks all in a row

Last season silver beet still going strong


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