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Raising Vegetarians Babies

Our grandniece Harlow Waldron came to visit from the Gold Coast. Over dinner of beetroot salads with pomegranate dressing, kumquat glazed baked kumera, mixed grain couscous (kamut, quinoa and buckwheat) and flambéed banana dessert, I asked her parents about the trials and tribulations of raising a vegetarian baby.

Shaun is not a vegetarian but Sam was raised a vegetarian. Both Sam and her sister Sacha are raising their kids as vegetarians. They are a three-generation vegetarian family as their parents are also vegetarians.

Sam is also expecting with her second child and she takes supplement like iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin and plant-based omega 3 to see her through her pregnancy.

Although Shaun was brought up eating meat he now doesn’t eat as much meat as he used to and prefers white to red. Furthermore, he is also happy for the kids to be brought up vegetarian. He does offer Harlow a taste of different meat from time to time but she seems to naturally prefer vegetarian option to meat option.

Harlow is 20 months old and she is a bundle of joy with a very even temperament and an outgoing personality.  She eats a variety of food and as Sam explains like most kids her age she goes through stages of preferring one vegetable to another.

Sam’s advice to other parents who are thinking of raising their children as vegetarian is to keep the option fresh, seasonal and try to make it as exciting as possible.

Michael Dempsey with grandniece Harlow Waldron in St Kilda.


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