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Grow your own sprouts

One of the easiest ways to start growing your own food (and start reducing your food mile) is sprouting. It requires minimum effort and low maintenance but it gives you so much more in return. Sprouts are living food, rich in beneficial enzymes, essential amino acids and a good source of fibre.

There is nothing wrong with the sprouts that you get from your local supermarket but all you will get is alfalfa and mung beans. But if you were to grow your own, you can sprout just about anything.

Some people grow their sprouts in a jar while others in containers of all shapes and materials. I use a single-tier dome sprouter, commercially available from most health stores. This makes about half cup to three-quarter cup of sprouts after about three or four days, which will keep for up to three days in the fridge. The dome sprouter also comes in a three-tier version for bulk sprouting.

Sprouts are very versatile. I put them in my soups, as a filling for sandwiches, juices, on top of noodles, in fried rice and of course as a salad topping. I love that fresh crunchy taste of living food.

Needless to say, go for organic seeds, grains and lentils for your sprouts. And always soak your seeds, lentils or whatever your are sprouting overnight in a bowl with clean filtered water. Rinse the next day before placing them in the sprouter.

Happy sprouting!!

Day one of sprouting in a single tier dome sprouter .......

and 24 hours later, the buckwheats are beginning to sprout.


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2 thoughts on “Grow your own sprouts

  1. Very cool, Zainil. I used to have a kitchen garden and loved it.
    Thanks for sharing. xoxoxo. F.

    Posted by April Thursday | July 19, 2010, 9:40 pm

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